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Tuning Service

At KRS Tuning, we understand the importance of a well-calibrated EFI system to unlock the full potential of your engine's performance. Our expert team of engineers and tuners is dedicated to providing you with a precise base tune file that serves as a solid foundation for your Holley EFI system.

What is included in our service:

  1. Startup File Calibration: We start by meticulously calibrating all the sensors in your Holley EFI system to ensure accurate readings and optimal performance during engine startup.

  2. Inputs and Outputs Calibration: Our team takes into account the specific characteristics of your engine and vehicle to fine-tune the inputs and outputs, allowing for seamless communication between various components and devices.

  3. Professional Tuning Form: To create a tailored tune file, we require some essential information about your setup. Our easy-to-fill Tuning Form gathers all the necessary details, such as engine specs, modifications, injector data, and desired performance goals.

  4. Data Analysis and Testing: Once you've filled out the Tuning Form, our experts carefully analyze the data provided to understand your engine's unique requirements better. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the base tune file is customized for your specific needs.

Additional Services (optional):

Should you require further customization or wish to explore additional options, we offer up to 10 additional charges for specialized tuning services. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Fuel and Ignition Mapping
  • Forced Induction (Turbo/Supercharger) Calibration
  • Nitrous Oxide Integration
  • High-Performance Camshaft Optimization
  • Transmission Tuning
  • Launch Control and Power Management
  • Data Logging and Analysis
  • Advanced Table creation and tuning 1D & 2D
  • Customized sensor communication for layers of control
  • Traction Control