S-Series Nodular Iron Case Assembly Daytona Pinion Support with Differential Standard Gear & 1350 Series Yoke

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Complete Center Section Includes:

N2205 / N2206
3.062″ Bore S-Series Case used for 28 or 31 spline
3.250″ Bore S-Series Case used for 35 spline

8-10% stronger material than factory nodular iron
Critical areas reinforced
Heavy duty main caps and solid steel adjuster nuts

Iron Daytona Pinion Support
Larger bearings and races than OEM stock support

N1974 / N1970F
Clutch Style 28 or 31 Spline Differential

Choice of 3.00-6.50 Standard Gear

U2203 & U1610
1350 Series Yoke with Dust Shield and U-bolts

Professionally Assembled
Timken® Bearings & Races
Grade 8 Ring Gear Bolts