Strange 10" 2 Piece Rotor - Left Hand Side Fits Spindle Mount Wheels Requiring 1" Offset

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2 pc L/W slotted 10″ rotor assembly / LH / 1″ offset- ea

Designed Specifically For Drag Racing

• Strange Aluminum Struts & Ultra Struts
• Strange Adjustable Height Funny Car Spindles

Using 1 Piece Billet or Forged Spindle Mount Wheels
Left hand side assembly

Mating cogs engage as the ring and FHSCS screws secure the assembly
Allows for axial and radial rotor growth as temperatures increase
Rotor warping and coning tendencies are drastically reduced

Supplied in Strange Brake Kit
B4595WC2 / B4596WC2 / B4597WC2 / B4600WC2

Steel Rotor
• Internal cogs allow rotor to float
• Allows for expansion variances between aluminum & steel
• Slots reduce rotating weight and increase air flow

Aluminum Hat
• 2024-T351 billet aluminum
• Reduces rotating weight
• Cog & ring system secures rotor while allowing for thermal expansion
• Eliminates crack formation common to other two piece designs


10″ OD x .250″ thick
Discard at .215″

5.562″ OD x 5.312″ ID
.125″ thick face
.375″ holes on 4 3/4″ BC

1.00″ – Measured from outside face of hat to inner pad surface

Assembly Weight
3.6 Lbs