Strange 2 Pc 1350 Series Transmission Yoke GM 27 Spline - Severe Duty Chrome Moly

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TH200 4R
TH700 R4
T56 (1996 and earlier)
4L60E (1996 and earlier)
Muncie M20 / M21 / M22
Super T-10 (1st design)

Forged 4340 Chrome Moly Fully Machined Steel
– Maximum strength for extreme applications
– Additional material in critical areas
– Removable caps allow transmission change within vehicle
– Black oxide finish for corrosion resistance
– Designed & machined by Strange Engineering
– Forged in USA

Accepts 1350 Series U-Joint
– Larger u-joint than ever offered by OEM
– 1350 series u-joint available in solid (non-crossdrilled)- See U1641